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2023-08-14 Ziggy@ahma.asia Uncategorized

Highlights of the event

On 6 July, the guests from the hairdressing, beauty, business, education and media sectors in the Mainland and Hong Kong came to the event and shared their views respectively, analysing and exploring the current situation of the industry. They expressed their hope that in the future, with the great efforts of the China Hair & Beauty Association, the industry in Hong Kong and the Mainland will have more interactions and cooperation.

Highlights of the event:https://youtu.be/sUGGt2VA-MI

Ms. Linda Yip and Mr. Joseph Ho made wonderful speeches:https://youtu.be/3yqHuDllmp4

Speeches by representatives of the hairdressing sector:https://youtu.be/viKNhQi4c3A

Speeches by representatives of the beauty industry:https://youtu.be/viKNhQi4c3A

Speeches by representatives of the education sector:https://youtu.be/JpnPooBzaWw

Speeches by media representatives:https://youtu.be/YiHYGcQMh4Y

Wonderful speeches from leaders in the beauty and hairdressing industry:

Mr. Forest Kong, President of HKHBMA:https://youtu.be/83DHhYMyVlE

Mr. William Tang, President of HAIRHK:https://youtu.be/Z2qxvV8LcYM

Mr. Kenny Wong, President of AHMA:https://youtu.be/gfS8GGRaIpo

Mr. Patrick Chu, Honorary President of AHMA:https://youtu.be/h27ZFv4B_Ps

Ms Janette Lam, President of OMC HK:


Mr. An Yang,Principal of Beijing Young Space Hairdressing Academy:https://youtu.be/i1SUvDCMtMU

Mr. Ken Zhou,Principal of Guangzhou Kenzhou Hairdressing Vocational Training School:https://youtu.be/XrTIgiQE530

Ms Jessica Wang,Principal of Guangzhou Kenzhou Hairdressing Vocational Training School:https://youtu.be/fKkHf9LhHpo

Ms Shelly Luk, President of CIDESCO:https://youtu.be/CGo06rs5GG4

Mr. Ray Chau, Chairman of Federation of Beauty Industry (H.K.):https://youtu.be/8zSxKIqbQlI

Mr. Barry Yip, Honorary President of PVCBS:https://youtu.be/prvi3KF44UU

Mr. Vincent So, Chairman of HKRTIA:https://youtu.be/2mneaoOif3Q

Dr. Annie Kong, Head of Applied Research and Technology Transfer Office, THEi (Chai Wan Campus):https://youtu.be/8Gh_sjn2GqQ

Prof. Sidney Wong, Executive President, Dailywin Institute of Dongguan University of Technology:https://youtu.be/-Afb-5xFtkY